Marble Hill Beach

Marble Hill Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Donegal. At high tide it is split into two different sections, with several small yachts and boats moored in the bay during the summer season. Marble Hill is popular with swimmers, surfers, bathers, walkers, sand-castle builders and just about everybody who knows of its existence.


Carrickfin Beach

Carrickfin Beach (beside Donegal airport) Carrickfinn beach is situated in the beautiful Gweedore Bay right behind the little Donegal Airport. Besides this, the beach has the feeling of being a long way from anywhere. Carrickfinn is a long stretch of white sand beach backed by extensive sand dunes. All around the bay are the characteristic machair grass plains which are home to a number of rare plant species. 


Murder Hole Beach

Murder Hole Beach. The secluded Murder Hole Beach is dotted with small caves and surrounded by stunning cliffs. While most people know the beach as Murder Hole Beach its actual name is Boyeeghter Bay. No one seems to know exactly how it got its eerie title although many agree it’s likely derived from the aggressive tidal currents that make swimming at the beach very dangerous. Despite it’s ominous name, Murder Hole beach is one of the most stunning beaches 


Portsalon Beach

Portsalon Beach Ballymastocker Bay is also known as Portsalon Beach. This is a truly spectacular Blue Flag beach located on the Fanad Peninsula in north county Donegal.


Ballymostcker Bay

Knockalla View Point aka Ballymostcker Bay offers a dramatic view of Ballymastocker Beach, over Portsalon Beach & the Fanad Peninsula. It is a truly deserving Donegal Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point. 


South Donegal

Narin/portnoo beach   

From the beach can be seen the island of Inishkeel beyond which one can see the estuary of the Gweebarra River and the southern edge of the Rosses. When the tide is low one can walk from Narin out to the island. The tide allows you around an hour to visit the island.



You will be sure to receive a warm welcome here and a wealth of inside knowledge and information on what to do and where to visit locally including the many hidden gems off the beaten track.


The hidden Waterfall (Largy, very careful with tide but it is amazing)

The ‘Largy Waterfall’ can be found in the small village of Largy, which is around 5km from Killybegs and around 6km east of the town of Kilcar. The waterfall is found in a cave so be extremely careful when making your way there.



Located approximately 8 kilometres south of Donegal Town, County Donegal. 


Donegal Castle

The castle was built by Red Hugh O’Donnell in 1474 when he also built the Franciscan Abbey further down the river Eske.

Hugh O’Donnell, wealthy chief of the ancient O’Donnell clan, built the original tower of Donegal castle in 1474 as a family home in Donegal Town. The O’Donnells were one of the last of the old gaelic cheiftains to rebel against the rule of the English crown in Ireland. His son “Red Hugh” became known as the Fighting Prince of Donegal and is commemorated by a bronze staute at the head of Donegal Pier. 


Malin Head

Malin Head is renowned for its dramatic landscape and beautiful beaches. See some of the largest sand dunes in Europe when you approach Malin Head from the coastal road, along the north of Trawbreaga Bay at Lagg. Enjoy a walk, go fishing, swim in the shimmering water, take some incredible photos or study the unique rock formations.


Culdaff Beach

Culdaff beach is a long stretch of sandy beach accessed on foot through a dune landscape. The beach is characterised on the east by an estuary fed by the River Culdaff and to the west is dominated by a rocky headland.




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