Escape to the Links – Your Winter Golf Survival Guide

We may as well admit it, Winter is here! For us golfers, this means waterproof trousers, plugged balls and winter tees. After a summer of top quality competitions, late nights on the course and even later nights in the 19th hole, the short dark evenings are upon us. If like me, you can’t fathom the idea of five months without this beautiful game, here are a few ideas that will shorten those winter months dramatically!

Improve Your Swing

This applies to you all! Whether you are a 28 handicapper just making your way in the game, or a two handicapper coming off a victory in your club championship, you can get better. What’s more, you can actually have fun while doing so!

Most golf professionals around the country have indoor facilities nowadays and if not, you will surely be able to find a covered bay at your local driving range. This is the time of year that you can work on swing changes and not worry about a big competition coming up.

A common statement from club golfers is that they are ‘happy where they are’. What a load of nonsense! There is not a golfer out there that does not want to be a better player and the only way to do this is ask an expert how you can improve!

On top of helping your game, working with a golf professional over the winter gives you a focus. All of a sudden, the bays at the driving range to not seem so boring when you are focusing on every single swing and trying to perfect the tweaks your pro has made at your latest lesson.

By the time Spring comes around you will be raring to go and ready to take on 2018 and watch your handicap plummet.

Treat Yourself to New Equipment

OK so this can vary from golfer to golfer. Not everyone needs to go out and overhaul your whole golf bag and set yourself back thousands. What we recommend here is to grab your clubs, sit with them quietly, and honestly ask yourself which ones have outstayed their welcome?

It may be that Ping putter from 1989 with the bent shaft from the time you tried to break it over your knee. Maybe it is the Taylor Made Burner driver that you hold onto because you remember Ernie using it in 1997. Here is a newsflash, MODERN CLUBS ARE BETTER!

Even those of us who keep up with changes in technology can do with treating ourselves in the winter and here is why - New toys will get you to the driving range! We all love the feeling of putting on new trainers or getting into our brand new car and the same goes for golf equipment. Spend a few quid on some new gear and all of a sudden you will be making an excuse to visit the range or sneak out for a 9 after lunch on Sunday. All of these trips add up and you can thank us when you are hitting it sweetly next June and all of those winter sessions have paid off!

Book a Links Golf Getaway

There is a haven from the soggy ground and winter greens and this is called ‘links golf’! Thankfully, Ireland is blessed with the best links courses in the world and unless the temperatures hit below freezing, they are open year round.

If you can’t handle a winter away from your golf pals, get on Whatsapp and organise a weekend away to a links golf hub. You won’t find anywhere better than Letterkenny with up to 10 links courses within a stones throw including the home of the 2018 Irish Open.

As well as providing great winter conditions, these links courses are a fraction of the cost in the winter months so you can play championship golf for a pittance. Looking forward to a links golf getaway will shorten your winter dramatically and provide memories to keep you going until Spring. Contact the Clanree and we will be happy to put together your links golf experience or follow this link for more information:

Plan for the Summer of 2018

There is no escaping that short evenings mean no after work golf and we need to find a way to fill those dark evenings. If you have already upgraded your clubs, visited your pro and booked a winter links getaway, how about planning a trip to see the best in the world?

In 2018, the Irish Open comes to Ballyliffin Golf Club and the field for the event is likely to be the strongest ever assembled for an Irish Open. In these dark winter months, planning for a summer escape to Donegal will provide light at the end of the tunnel.

 At the Clanree Hotel, we will be welcoming golfers throughout the Irish Open and can also arrange golf on days that you will not be attending the tournament. At under an hour from the course, we are the ideal base from which to visit the event and enjoy what McGettigans Bar has to offer après golf!


To book a golf break at the Clanree or for more information a stay during the Irish Open, please contact or call 074 91 24369.

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